Welcome to our organic allotment pages

Hello and welcome. I'm not sure what you put into Google to have landed here but I do hope you find and enjoy plenty of useful and interesting information.

The Static Web Site

This is the static web site where I have provided a lot of useful easy to find information. Here you will be able to find:
  • A brief history of the 'allotment'
  • How to look for & rent an allotment plot
  • Ideas on planning out your plot
  • A few photo albums to whet your appetite
  • Just what 'organic' means & the benefits of it
  • A history of the 'organic movement' since 1905!
  • Organic growing methods & practices explained
  • Guidelines for growing a wide selection of crops
  • Slugs and snails. Are they really a problem?
  • Links to other useful & interesting web sites
  • A link to my favourite allotment online forum
  • Some great recipes suited to plotholders
  • Some ideas for being green in other areas
  • And finally, link to our blog:
    Lois and Reggies Allotment Journal

The Interactive Journal

I love interacting and that is of course, what the internet is all about, so we also have a blog which is chronologically structured with a search facility to find posts on topics that you are researching. We hope you will pay it a visit and if you have anything to add we look forward to your comments too. On the blog pages you will find:
  • A calendar of events around the country
  • And local events to South East London
  • Up to date info on local resources
  • Our posts with pics which can be viewed:
    • By Category
    • By the month
    • Via the tag cloud
    • Or via the search facility
  • A page about us and why we took on the plots
  • A form to send us a message via email
Reg and I both hope you enjoy your visit and would love to hear from you either via email or via comments you leave to our posts.